New Bedford SourceLink is sailing into the Port of New Bedford

The Port of New Bedford is pleased to announce that it is a founding partner of New Bedford SourceLink, a major new initiative by the New Bedford Economic Development Council.

New Bedford SourceLink is a supportive platform that connects maritime, arts+culture, and main street entrepreneurs to a network of local, regional, and national resource partners to foster innovation, growth, and prosperity.

The Port of New Bedford is the story maritime of America

The Port of New Bedford at New Bedford Harbor is the world’s most famous whaling era seaport and has been the number one commercial fishing port in America by value since 2001. Today, it is home port to more than 500 commercial scallopers and fishermen, a thriving working waterfront which is home to dozens of shoreside support businesses and services. Indeed, it is a renowned global seafood hub.

As one of the few marine industrial working waterfronts remaining on the east coast, New Bedford’s full suite of shoreside services is also poised to support the growth of the nascent U.S. offshore wind industry.

New Bedford’s rich history and location in beautiful Buzzards Bay also attracts hundreds of tourists and recreational boaters throughout the spring, summer, and fall. The port’s Pope’s Island Marina provides berth to these boaters. Fast ferry service to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as charming Cuttyhunk Island, provides an introduction to the South Coast for tourists.

Finally, our waterfront embodies the values and creativity of the city it calls home. Public art abounds on our docks and piers, visually defining not only our historic relationship with the sea, but the history of maritime America.

In short, the Port of New Bedford is a destination in every manner possible, and as such generates $11.1 billion dollars in economic value each year.

Navigating the future as an Economic Engine for the region

As a founding partner in New Bedford SourceLink, the Port of New Bedford is building upon its identity not only as an economic engine for the region, but as an incubator of meaningful collaboration.

In 2017 the port also founded the New Bedford Ocean Cluster, a network of maritime businesses, scientists, and technology entrepreneurs working to innovate and advance the blue economy locally and globally.

The New Bedford Port Authority guides the port, and its primary charge is to support the Port of New Bedford through the implementation of best management practices over port resources and the development of economic growth strategies.

To this end, it is the goal of the New Bedford Port Authority to keep New Bedford on top as the #1 U.S. fishing port, expand existing businesses and capitalize on new opportunities that will maximize the port’s capacity as an economic engine to create jobs and strengthen the New Bedford economy.

The maturing nexus between marine science, the commercial fishing industry, and blue technology places New Bedford at the forefront of maritime education, research, and innovation.

The additional tool of New Bedford SourceLink will help facilitate our mission and reinforce the port’s role as the economic engine of the South Coast region.