Forward Together: #NBCreative and New Bedford SourceLink

New Bedford Creative

New Bedford Creative is pleased to announce that it is a founding partner of New Bedford SourceLink, a major new initiative by the New Bedford Economic Development Council. 

New Bedford Creative
New Bedford Creative

New Bedford Sourcelink is an online platform and real-life network of people and providers. It is designed to connect resources and assets within the city and region in order to share the benefits of timely information, education, funding and other means of support. Its mission is to ensure that all enjoy the tools necessary to realize important social, civic and professional goals.

#NBCreative embodies SourceLink

Since the City of New Bedford’s first-ever strategic arts and culture plan was introduced in 2018, collaboration has been the key to its successful implementation. Indeed, one of the first tasks accomplished under the plan was the organization of a Creative Consortium, which brings diverse representatives of the creative sector together each quarter to enact key goals of the plan. 

Bringing this experience to New Bedford Sourcelink as a founding partner in the New Bedford Economic Development Council initiative will strengthen and deepen that collaborative spirit. Not only within the creative community, but between it and the dynamic social and economic sectors throughout New Bedford. 

#NBCreative & SourceLink – A perfect match

Since 2018, New Bedford Creative has been quite busy. It will bring an astonishing portfolio of accomplishments to New Bedford SourceLink. 

On, a comprehensive Creative Directory of city and regional artists and artisans was launched just this year. This directory can now join with SourceLink and place the arts community into the broader economic context which will allow it to flourish even more.

After an initial beta trial, #NBCreative’s Wicked Cool Places grant program now regularly stimulates artistic activity throughout the city. It has a particular aim toward placemaking. Combined with SourceLink, new vistas will literally open up for artists to the benefit of more of New Bedford. 

Meanwhile, the #NBCreative toolbox is already a comprehensive guide on our website which points artists toward business, funding and promotional opportunities. Once again, bringing this to SourceLink widens the playing field for everyone. 

The Creative Spirit will help animate SourceLink

Perhaps no more important purpose for #NBCreative within New Bedford SourceLink will be the creative spirit our many artists and artisans and Creative Consortium will bring to the table. 

Creatives are by nature people who seek to provide context to society at large. It’s not only intuitive, but entrepreneurial and thus necessary to provide the animation necessary to make an idea come to glorious life. 

For #NBCreative, stepping into SourceLink as a founding partner is a natural evolution. Sometimes described as a “silent army,” the city’s artists have achieved national prominence in recent years due to their ability to bring disparate elements of New Bedford and the region together for a common purpose: realizing the potential of this city and all its residents. 

New Bedford SourceLink is the future

Finally, #NBCreative has already organized itself in such a way that it is ready to not only serve as a role model for collaboration, but assume an illustrative leadership role. After all, from the Port of New Bedford to innovative small and large businesses, creativity defines the here and now and future of New Bedford. 

Working together within New Bedford SourceLink, that innovative energy will share the vision and mission of #NBCreative. And it’s in that fabled place where imagination meets reality that we will all come together to continue the story of this legendary city by the sea.