Massachusetts Export Center

Free one-on-one counseling and technical assistance for export development and promotion. We offer a range of services to help companies develop effective international marketing and increase international sales.


The Massachusetts Export Center provides direct assistance to Massachusetts companies to support their international business development efforts. This is accomplished through counseling and technical assistance customized to the client’s needs. Some of the areas addressed through the Export Center’s one-on-one counseling and technical assistance services include:

  • Export planning and preparation
  • Assessment of export readiness
  • Export strategy and international business plan development
  • Assessment and selection of target export markets international sales, marketing and distribution channel development/management
  • Identification and qualification of overseas customers and partners International payment and financing
  • Export Regulatory Compliance
  • Export logistics, including shipping, documentation, terms, controls, etc.
  • Working with export service providers, such as international banks, law firms, freight forwarders, etc.

Services Provided

Business Planning

  • Identification and Research of Foreign Markets

Economic and Site Development

  • Economic Development

Financial Resources and Assistance

  • Trade Show Financial Assistance

Import and Export Assistance

  • Certification and Licensing
  • Financial Assistance for Exporting Activities
  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets
  • Locating Foreign Distributors
  • Networking/Exploring Exporting
  • Trade Education and Training

Manufacturing, High Tech, Life Sciences Development

  • High Tech Development
  • Life Sciences Development
  • Manufacturing Development

Marketing and Sales

  • Identification/Research of Foreign Markets

Networking and Associations

  • International Trade

Operations and Logistics

  • Freight and Distribution

Selling to the Government and Large Corporations

  • Selling to Foreign Governments and Businesses


  • International Trade Education and Training
Primary Contact
Nancy Lowd
c/o One Southcoast Chamber
227 Union Street Mezzanine 2
New Bedford, MA 02740