Massachusetts Aquaculture Association

The primary trade association for businesses and organizations directly or indirectly associated with Massachusetts aquaculture.


The Massachusetts Aquaculture Association (MAA), is a non-profit Trade Association formed in 1986 to promote the continued development of aquaculture (i.e. the farming of aquatic products), and to improve conditions affecting aquaculture in Massachusetts. The goals of MAA are to represent the interests of Massachusetts aquatic farmers, to encourage promotion of high quality aquaculture products, to grow a thriving aquaculture industry, facilitate the development and transfer of relevant technology and to maintain an effective network between industry, government, and researchers. 

Since its formation in 1986, The Massachusetts Aquaculture Association (MAA) has served as the primary trade organization representing aquatic farmers and related support businesses and organizations in the Commonwealth.
Massachusetts aquaculture and the farming of shellfish specifically supports thousands of jobs and generates a multi-million dollar impact on the Commonwealth’s economy. At over $30 million in direct farm sales of oysters alone in 2019, Aquaculture was the 5th largest profitable agricultural commodity in the Commonwealth and the 3rd largest fishery behind only sea scallops and lobster.

It is MAA’s purpose to promote the aquaculture industry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by working with its membership, individuals, businesses, and organizations that are primarily interested in aquaculture in order to:
– Educate the public and governmental officials as to the needs, benefits, uses, and importance of aquaculture products and to educate such personnel on issues of importance to the industry,
– Increase the pool of potential employees for and employment opportunities in such companies, and to benefit in general the industry, and by doing so,
– Improve the quality of life in the Commonwealth.

MAA seeks to:
• Promote high quality Massachusetts aquaculture products.
• Facilitate growth of a thriving and sustainable aquaculture industry.
• Support development and transfer technology relevant to aquaculture industry.
• Maintain an effective network between industry, government, and researchers.

What MAA Does:
• Represents MAA members and association priorities at local, state and federal levels including review of laws and regulations that may impact aquaculture, harvester, dealer and related businesses
• Advocates directly and in collaboration with the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation on legislative and regulatory matters important to the industry.
• Tracks and shares news about and for Massachusetts aquaculture including providing alerts and announcements that are important to Massachusetts aquatic growers.
• Provides a forum for the exchange of information between MAA members.

Services Provided

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